"The cautious man ever regrets current evil; uses the present to prevent future woes"
William Shakespeare


Due to inheritance or other personal, family or business reasons, decisions must be taken to divest the Real Estate Property in a Total or Partial way. And in this way to obtain liquidity.
We offer our clients a complete Plan to ensure a Divestment at advantageous prices for the property and deciding on several factors.
Our services include:
. Assistance and representation of the client in Meeting of Owners, or Municipal, Autonomous or State Corporations to collect information that may be relevant for the sale of real estate. Example: Changes in the General Urban Planning Plan.
. Possibility of Changes of Use or Reclassifications.
. Representation of property for the defense of interests in Compensation Meetings. As well as in the Meetings of Owners.
. Negotiate with the State on property owned by the National Heritage.
. Tax Impact Study to reduce taxation, taking into account other capital gains or losses in equity. It includes the recommendation to create some legal figure that minimizes such taxation.
. Transformation of the properties into the most attractive legal figure for the buyer (natural person to legal person, etc.) and maximize its value.
. Location of ALL sellers (when they are many or are dispersed) for the common sale, terms, prices, form of payment, taxation, etc.
. Updated Property Valuation. To know and agree on which is the starting point and to establish the Final Objective that we are looking for.
. Buyer search for properties. Through our commercial department.