MANAGEMENT of lease contracts

Through this service Westfalia Gestión can offer great security in the lease of properties since we will maintain a relationship with the tenants including: 

. Follow-up phone calls sending situation report to the client.

. On-site visits to the property to check the good conservation of the interior. 

In addition, we will be the only interlocutor with the tenant to attend to all situations regarding: 

. Rent payments, repairs, maintenance of the facilities, notice to the insurance company, reviews of supply companies. We take care of arrangements and repairs against budget accepted by the client.

. Also in relation to: deposit and withdrawal of bonds at the IVIMA, relationship with the Property Administration, change of ownership in the supplies In case of lawsuit for non-payment for eviction, our lawyers start it immediately with a discount on the College fee of Lawyers of Madrid.

We are at your disposal for further questions.