deep analysis to ensure a profitable investment


Our Work Areas cover the following activities:

  • Purchase & Sales and Leasing of properties.
  • Inherited Wealth, Segregation of Properties and Cease of Co – Parcenaries.
  • Search of Real Estate Assets for Investment (in Spain or abroad). Special attention to Opportunities of Investment (assets on sale by banks, etc)
  • Total or Partial Break Up of a Wealth Real Estate.
  • Tax Planning and Creation of companies for Real Estate Operations.
  • Search of Commercial Retail Espaces or Lands.
  • Segregation of Properties or Lands.
  • Negotiations for Rezoning of Properties or Lands.
  • Negotiations for Sale of Bare Ownership.
  • Estate Asset Liquidation after divorce proceedings, deaths, etc.
  • Lifting and Execution Delay on Foreclosures.

In Westfalia Gestion we service to a limited number of clients providing a very personalized service. Only expert people will advise on all the processes.